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 Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.

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Celestial Entity
Celestial Entity

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Kekkei Genkai : Celestial Energy, Star(Spacial/Solar) Energy, Planetary Abilities, Light Energy

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PostSubject: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   May 27th 2009, 6:35 am

Quick Note: Most of Luminon's moves end in explosions. XD Also, his 5 stars on his body shoot energy blasts at will.

Star Energy: Star Energy is basically power that is made up of.. Well... The power of stars. Not only can it draw power from the stars, but its power is rather intense, and sometimes has massive amounts of heat. It can act as gas or plasma mostly, but it can also change its density if Luminon pleases. Naturally, it's rather explosive... Just like real stars. Star Energy absorbs heat, light, gas and plasmas. They tend to also have the ability of disintegration, especially of solid objects.

Star Abilities:

Stardust- Star particles form a cloud of star energy. The particles are super sharp and super hot, and they can explode massively on Luminon's command. They can also merge themselves with air and destroy the power of it, thus, wherever the Stardust is, there is no air.

Star Storm- 1.) Large stars rain endlessly from the sky, making explosions upon impact. 2) Luminon creates millions of tiny stars that all shoot star energy beams.

Shooting Star- Giant stars of light shoot from the sky, leaving an explosive trail of light behind them. They are controlled by Luminon at will.

Star Ray- Shoots a star energy beam that explodes the air it touches as it flies throughout the air. When it makes direct contact, however, the explosion is great.

Star Shield- A giant curved star protects Luminon from any attack from the front, sides, top and bottom, however his back is wide open.

Star Cannon: 1) One of his arms will change into a giant cannon that shoots out massive, condensed blasts of star energy in a straight line. 2) An immense and catastrophic blast of star energy that destroys all in front of it. It is shot from both arms. The explosions of it cutting the air while being launched are huge.

Star Barrage- Creates small star energy orbs on his finger tips that explode when they make contact after being thrown. Luminon can throw them so fast that he can easily fling over 1,000 in a matter of 2 seconds.

Star Impact- While in the air, star energy flows under him. In a split second, he forms a spike/point with the star energy and smashes down before that second is over. Even if he does not pierce his foe, the star energy explodes whatever it has impacted with in a rather grand fashion.

Star Point- A long spike of star energy shoots out of his hands. He made use it as a rapier, if he wishes. It is insanely hot, thus can cut through most earthly substances. It can be extended to any length.

ExStar- 5 super huge star spikes jut from Luminon's body and create the shape of a star. It is not only used as a shield because of its intense density, but it can be used as an attack because of how fast and explosive it is.

Dragonstar- Creates a giant dragon of celestial and star energy. When it bites at an enemy, it explodes. It can also branch off into however many heads it needs to, all being immense in size.

Megastar- Powered up version of Star Ray. Shoots two Star Rays from both hands at one target, causing them to merge together, double size and double power/explosions.

Star Hands- Hands gain the power to match and counter any attack that comes to them, however Luminon cannot use any attacks while using this attack, except for the Star Hand abilities, which are extending into blades, exploding energy fists, and explosive drills. Once they match the power and force, Luminon can nullify or disable the attack with the star hands.

Constellation Chain- Makes a chain of stars that shoot star beams out of each of them and connect to the next one, each growing in power as they continue to connect and rack up in chains. These beams can trap a foe if the power is high enough, and when touched by anything other than Luminon, they explode, but do not disappear. They can also channel and conduct Luminon's Star attacks through them.

Star Rocket- Homing star energy missiles target and lock onto foes, then follows them trying to detonate the foe. The missiles can be of any size.

Super Star- Calls 2 of the stars on his body and reinforces them with light and star energy. They grow to humongous sizes, stick together and rotate in opposite directions (Think Starmie from Pokemon). They slice and cut and destroy whatever they can. They can also be used as a shield, or a giant ninja star boomerang thing, or a buzz saw. Naturally, their size is more than immense.

Star's Rend- Creates star energy in the shape of large 5 point star buzzsaws that only cut through the ground, however he can create however many he wants.

Star Cross- (Think of the angels from Evangelion that made those huge cross shaped explosions.) Creates an intensely swift blast of star energy in the shape of a cross when it detonates from its beam form. (resulting cross explosions can explode vertically, horizontally or diagonally.)

Raise of Stars- Creates a minefield of star energy focused into extremely highly explosive orbs that are completely invisible to all who cannot perceive ultra sensitive light. They explode on contact and anyone who is within a 5 foot radius (except Luminon.)

Star Collapse- 1) Any one of his Star abilities instantly implodes in on itself and explodes without warning and the explosion covers a LARGE radius. 2) Luminon uses star energy to wrap around things and collapse them, resulting in implosions.

Starfish- A giant starfish is summoned and it slides across the ground, destroying whatever it can and eating it. It can regenerate itself using Luminon's energy, even if it is completely destroyed. It can convert all forms of energy into Star Energy for itself.

Fusion Ignition- Thousands of nonstop explosions of pure star energy that cover a wide radius. Continues until Luminon stops them or until his energy runs out. Cannot use any other attacks while doing this, however he can create the explosions from ANYWHERE.

Main Sequence- A huge ray of star and celestial energy blasts downward and vaporizes everything... It continues to burn until Luminon stops it. It grows in size and power exponentially the longer it is out.

Protostar- (Must be used before using any massive Star attacks.) A large, black, glowing ball that increases Luminon's power by 10,000 and is shown as a precursor to some of Luminon's largest star-based attacks. It also weakens the power of everything by however much power Luminon has at the current moment.

Red Dwarf- (After Protostar) Luminon's arms and legs become surrounded in an intensely bright red energy type of star energy. The slightest brush to anything that is not him breaks it down and converts it into energy for itself instantly.

Neutron Star- (After Protostar) Throws a Neutron Star (size depends on Luminon) And pulls in and crushes everything with its ultra dense gravitational pull that can be intensified at will. Large Neutrons also circle around it at a high speed and breaks down whatever they touch. If the gravitational pull is increased too much, it will change into a Black Hole.

Supernova Burst(Fist)- Luminon's arm grows about 333 times its normal size along with power and speed, and the back of his forearm (Or his metallic 'elbow', if you will) splits open and reveals highly condensed, compacted, unstable star energy that is in the shape of a cylindrical trigger. First, Luminon punches a foe, and instead of them flying backwards from the force, they stick to his fist, then the cylindrical trigger goes outward, then swiftly clicks and causes all of the packed up star energy to explode through the fist, creating a supernova blast that is concentrated to shoot out in the direction that the fist is in, as well as make a collateral blast from that same point. Yeah.

Star Confinement- Creates a suit of star, celestial and light energy around a foe so that any attack they try to do is instantly reflected right back at them. They must be hit with a Star Energy attack first. This Star Energy is highly adaptive, as well, and can adapt to anything the foe throws out instantly. Even lethal mental forces will be shot back. The foe will not be able to create anything outside of the suit.

Star Cluster- Luminon makes a barrage of star energy beams come from the sky, and he can continue to create stars of star energy in the sky, which hits from everywhere, centered on Luminon. Whatever is in the way is instantly exploded. Once all of the energy Luminon feels like exerting is out, Luminon makes it explode from his body.

Fist of the North Star- Luminon summons star energy into his fist nonstop until it shines so bright and powerful that it blinds the foe, and while blinding, Luminon pulls a suckerpunch, which then explodes with all the power of 13 stars.

Star Fire- Creates a shockwave of star, celestial and light energy from the ground after he smashes his hand down that continuously burns upward. He can create many shockwaves geysers he wishes.

Proto Beam: A large, lightspeed blast is shot from one of his body stars filled with star and celestial energy. It is insanely powerful and creates supernova-esque explosions.

Proto Burst: 1) Lightspeed blasts shot from all 5 body stars and eyes. They are filled with star and celestial energy. 2) A huge explosion of star and celestial energy from one of Luminon's body star without warning and in an instant in supernova-esque explosions.

Proto Breaker: Charges energy in the 5 stars and shoots out one gargantuan beam of pure star and celestial energy in less than a second. When it hits an object, the explosion continues out in the shape of a cross (resulting cross explosions can explode vertically, horizontally or diagonally. See the Star Cross ability).

Star Gazer: Shoots a large, swift and powerful blast of star, celestial and light energy from hands or stars. It cannot be intercepted by any nonphysical attacks because it instantly refracts and distorts both attacks so that no matter what, they bend around each other. Also, it is constantly releasing a repulsive force that forces all nonphysical attacks away, anyway. If a shield is up, however, it will orbit around the foe endlessly until it is put down, then strike with a horrific explosion.

Star Curtain: 1) Luminon wipes his hand across an area and a very powerful shield of stars flows wherever his hand has wiped. These stars slow down and weakens all attacks coming toward him immensely. 2) Luminon creates a huge barrier over the area using the energy of the nearest star, which increases his Star Energy exponentially and constantly weakens the foe's power exponentially, as well as lowers their speed/momentum exponentially. 3) A cloak of star energy flows around Luminon, creating a field of energy that forces attacks that come in contact with it to implode in on themselves if they do not hit fast enough. 4) Luminon swipes his Star Energy surrounded scarf hand over an attack, engulfing it completely and transfers it to another galaxy within his scarf, then shoots it back out whenever Luminon pleases, though embedded with Star Energy so that Luminon has total control over it.

Star Meteor: A super huge star crashes down with extreme force and speed and explodes with an immense and intense blast of Star and Celestial energy. Naturally, it has the size of a meteor, though it can be increased even moreso.

Explosive Star Wave: Through Physical contact, Luminon implants a tiny amount of star energy within the body of the foe and without warning, causes it to explode with the power of a dying star.

Star's Death: Can great immense star energy explosions from his body at will that have the power of dying stars. The explosion is that of a supernova.

Star Ball: A ball of concentrated star energy forms in his hands. It continues to grow larger and larger until ready for attack, but until then, whoever gets close while the process is under way is blasted with a nonstop, hefty amount of exploding star energy blasts that fire off in the millions.

Ultra Star- (After using Star Ball) A super huge star is created in the sky, and shoots down at the foe, however before making impact, it explodes star energy arrows all around that all make super huge explosions when they make contact.

Omega Star: 1) Finds a star in space and literally takes it from space and has it crash down on the foe before throwing it back into space. 2) Creates an artificial star made of complete Star Energy about the size of a moon, or larger. Luminon will have it crash down on the foe and explode with all the power of a super massive supernova.

Silent Night: Star and Celestial energy surges throughout his body and about a million or so arrows shoot out of him simultaneously made of these energies and target the foe, moving at intensely fast speeds. They explode on contact.

White Dwarf: (After Protostar) Creates an immense 5 point star made of star, celestial, and light energy that shoots a giant destructive beam from itself, though it disappears after one shot. The shot, however, covers a great area. The explosion resulting from the blast continuously expands.

Prominence Alpha: Creates a ball of light, celestial and star energy that shoots out infinite blades attached to the ball by trails of the energy. These beams can trap a foe with their unbreakable trails of light and they do not stop until they find their targets. They are able to ricochet themselves off of objects that are not their target, as well.

Prominence Omega: Luminon creates millions of tiny tiny stars around one big charging star that lets out a giant star energy blast, then the surrounding stars shoot out tiny blasts that merge with the original blast to make it bigger and more powerful, and so on and so on until all the stars are shooting energy and it has merged into a beam that engulfs literally everything. The millions of tiny stars can shoot out blasts to protect the massive star as it is charging, and they can also move around.

Prominence: Draws power from a star and creates a huge explosion that continues to grow larger, but as the explosion grows, it releases light, star and celestial energy beams from itself. It disintegrates and breaks down literally everything that it comes in contact with because of its intensity. If it is let to grow too long, it will become its own artificial star. (After using Prominence Alpha and Omega)

Celestio: Luminon summons the star god, Celestio, an entity that is about half the size of whatever planet Luminon is on, for it can change its size to any shape. It has a reptilian-like body, 6 legs with stars for feet, a star on its tail and a star for a face, and it is made solely of star and celestial energy. It usually wraps around a planet before attacking. It has only 2 attacks, Star Dismissal and Omega Burst. Star Dismissal is an attack that summons the power of the nearest star and a beam is shot out of that star at the target. It is about 3 times as powerful as the star it has been shot from, and though it is normally shot from the nearest star, it can be shot from any star. It also explodes, however. Omega Burst has it charge energy into its star feet or tail and have the energy all explode simultaneously. However, he may use each limb's explosion individually, where it will only take 1 turn to charge and use. It takes about 2 turns to summon Celestio, 7 to use Omega Burst (one for each limb, unless using only one limb) and 6 to use Star Dismissal (if it isn't a close star) and only 3 if it is close. Its tail and star parts work as energy drains and allows him to suck stars and planets dry for nutrients.

Will of Celestio: Luminon may summon the power of Celestio for himself, though it is much weaker. Thus, Luminon may increase his size to about a quarter size of whatever planet he is on. He may also use Omega Burst and Star Dismissal as he pleases, and may suck out the energy of planets and stars for nutrients.

Star Dismissal: (After using Will of Celestio) Summons the power of the nearest star (or any star) and fires a beam out of said star aimed at the target. It is about 3 times weaker than the total power of the star, though the resulting explosion is still huge. Unlike when Celestio uses it, when Luminon uses it, it takes one post to charge and one post to fire, thus taking a total of 2 posts.

Omega Burst: (After using Will of Celestio) Focuses Planetary, Star, Light and Celestial energy into all parts of his body (being his arms, legs and torso, but not head) and has the energy all explode simultaneously. Or, alternatively, once one limb is charged, Luminon can attack with it and explode. To use his torso attack, he belly-flops, which is twice the power of any of his limb attacks. It takes 5 turns to charge if he plans to make them all explode simultaneously, but otherwise it takes only one turn to charge his power and use it.

Death Star: A giant mechanical star that engulfs the sky with its impenetrable and indestructible armor. It is the size of a literal star. When it is about to attack, it opens up to charge energy into its core, a giant green orb smack dab in the middle of it. It will then fire a blast that totally disintegrates and breaks down everything below, able to pierce through the planet easily.

Astral Displeasure: Creates numerous tiny star energy stars. He can create an indefinite amount of these stars. They may use any of Luminon's star-shooting sorts of attacks and also release beams of indestructible star energy to connect themselves to each other to multiply their power. They can create nets or shields or barriers to trap people or attacks or protect Luminon. These stars constantly drain the power of everything the longer they are out.

North Star: Surrounds the opponents in star energy and if they try to escape from it or move, they will explode, as well as the star energy around them will stab into them with star energy arrows that will also explode. This is only after they are hit with any sort of Star Energy attack.

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Celestial Entity
Celestial Entity

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Kekkei Genkai : Celestial Energy, Star(Spacial/Solar) Energy, Planetary Abilities, Light Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   May 27th 2009, 6:37 am

Quick Note: Celestial Energy is FAR more powerful than normal light, and embedded with a hell of a lot more holiness. It is extremely destructive and able to rip through even places where no light EXISTS. Basically, it is the sort of light where no darkness nor any shadows can touch, overpower or stop.

Celestial Energy: Divine energy that usually glows bright white in a similar fashion to light. It is totally immune to shadows and darkness and can usually overpower it if it is weaker than the Celestial Energy. It can purify anything that is corrupt or impure, cannot be corrupted itself, and grows in power from holy things or from light and pure shit. It tends to absorb weaker energies than itself and purifies them into pure energy, thus making them into Celestial Energy as well.

Celestial Abilities:

Celestial Arrow- NO, NOT ANGEWOMON'S ATTACK FROM DIGIMON. Though it is an arrow of celestial energy that can be increased in size, speed and number.

Holy Beam- Focuses celestial light into a force with a giant pointed tip. It does not reach far, so it is mostly used to push people or attacks away with great power.

Celestial Fist- Luminon's metallic arm becomes extremely large and filled/reinforced with celestial and star energy. The fist makes explosions on contact.

Celestial Kick- Same as Celestial Fist, only with feet.

Celestial Barrier- A superstrong barrier that refracts anything nonphysical so that it bends and not hits Luminon, but turns around and shoots back at the enemy. It works for everything nonphysical, however it has literally no affect on physical attacks.

Celestial Discharge- Shoots out nonstop pulsating waves of celestial energy from his body constantly, but he cannot move while doing this.

Celestial Storm- A giant cloud of celestial energy circles in the air and at its center, giant celestial blasts shoot out.

Heaven Blast- Sends out a giant stream of light with celestial energy arrows flowing through it.

Luminosity- Luminon secretes a slow, gradually growing superintense, superbright celestial light dome from himself that disintegrates/breaks down/purifies and converts whatever it touches slowly. Fire, light, lightning and anything that uses light or heat add to its power, and is completely immune to darkness and dark energy... and shadows. Luminon can stop it whenever he feels like it and add star energy to it if he wants. It grows smaller every time it is attacked, but nothing can go THROUGH it.

Holy Burst: Starts off as an instant shield that blocks oncoming attacks, then absorbs their power by converting them into Celestial energy, then finally lets out a large and swift explosion.

Heavenly Cove: Creates a large concave vortex that sucks in a big attack and shoots them back infused with star energy, celestial energy and light energy as well as x2 power so that Luminon can control the blast to his will.

Heavenly Grip: Luminon's hand turns into a large, claw-like cuff that will trap whatever he grabs with it by either the amount of their impurities or with the default force, which is that of an imploding star. The more impurities you have, the harder it is to get out. You are not trapped by the pressure being put on you, but rather the force of the suction of it, therefore, even if the cuff is bigger than you are, it is just as hard to escape.

Judgment Hands: Releases millions of celestial/light energy arms with giant claws from his body, which will act as hands that can reach epic proportions for Luminon. They have enough power to rip the souls from people's bodies on contact.

Heaven Impact: Surrounds self in star and celestial energy, then crashes down at super speed, making giant explosions on impact.

Holy Cannon: In outer space, focuses a MASSIVE amount of Star and Celestial energy into one point, making it look like another star has appeared in the sky, and without warning, it will shoot a beam that will cover the entire area and disintegrate anything in its way.

Heavenly Shield: (Celestial Mode) The ring on Luminon's back acts as an omnipotent reflector and will reflect any and all attacks back at the user, so long as they touch the ring.

Rapture: (Celestial Mode) Ring behind Luminon grows to an unspeakably astronomical size and shoots an explosive celestial energy beam that has enough power to rip straight into (or even through) the core of the planet.

Holy Hand: (Celestial Mode) One hand grows to large proportions surrounded in intense celestial energy and crushes any and all oncoming attacks from afar. Luminon cannot counter, dodge or attack with this hand, and it only works one time before he must charge it again.

Excalibur Rising: A ray of celestial and light energy shoots out and creates many tiny explosions. The explosions are in the shape of a sword, and can be manipulated into one huge explosion by merging all of the tiny explosions.

Excalibur Downfall: Purges the whole field of everything with a downpour of celestial and light energy. It blinds, then randomly smashes things.

Excalibur: (After using Excalibur Rising and Downfall) Luminon creates a giant seal on the ground of celestial and light energy that is in the shape of a sword. The first part is a giant and destructive explosion blast in the shape of a sword. Next, the energy from the explosion forms into a sword that Luminon can wield, which explodes with grand explosions when it makes contact. It allows Luminon to also teleport at will.

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Celestial Entity
Celestial Entity

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Kekkei Genkai : Celestial Energy, Star(Spacial/Solar) Energy, Planetary Abilities, Light Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   May 27th 2009, 6:37 am

Light Abilities:

Light Bomb- Creates a large, swift concentration of superhot light that makes a large explosion upon contact with anything.

Light Rings- Focused light energy into rings and assaults them like a barrage and whatnot. They either cut through a foe with their razor sharp edges, surround a foe and keep them in place, shoot light beams from their center, guide enemy attacks (nonphysical) in different directions, or completely nullify attacks weaker than they are. (They grow in power as Luminon does.)

Light Whips- Creates whips of light with sharpened tips from both hands.

Light Bullets- Many swift, nonstop streams of sharp light shoot at a foe from thin air unceasingly.

Sun's Ray- (After Light Manipulation) Control's sun rays to shoot concentrated sun blasts at a foe.

Burning Light Discord: Makes huge blasts of light generated by the planet's core shoot up from the ground with extremely condensed heat and pressure, sure to disintegrate whatever they touch.

Golden Bullet- Reinforces his arms with sharpened and ultra intense light energy that cuts through everything (especially darkness and shadows). He holds his arms out like an airplane and uses his intense speed and flying expertise to try cutting the foe like a jet with razor wings. He also leaves trails of light that disappear after a while, but these trails of light also cut a foe.

Particle Cannon: Focuses light particles so intensely that they become a huge stream of energy that of a Particle beam. Luminon's metallic forearms retract the hands and turn into large and long cannons which can shoot out the particle beams. It automatically fires at anything hostile within a 33 foot radius, and it's deadly in that range, too. If you are within that range, you are automatically targetted and shot at relentlessly. If any of you know how fast a particle beam is, you'll be scared.

White Shadow: Usually used for his own shadow, but can also be used for any other shadow. It makes shadows revert into what he likes to call a "White Shadow," which is a shadow made of light rather than darkness, but it will still act in the same way as a shadow... Just being made out of light. Luminon may control White Shadows as he wishes, however. They may also come off of the surface and also may suck people into them to be trapped in a neverending void of light. If the White Shadows are reverted to normal shadows while someone it trapped within, they will stay in the void of light forever.
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Celestial Entity
Celestial Entity

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Kekkei Genkai : Celestial Energy, Star(Spacial/Solar) Energy, Planetary Abilities, Light Energy

Character sheet
Character Race: Celestial Entity/Star
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PostSubject: Re: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   May 27th 2009, 6:37 am

Support Abilities-

Star Armor- Surrounds star energy around himself that nullified darkness, shadow and dark energy completely... well. From harming Luminon... via devouring them However, he gets a bit slower in his movement. The more darkness/shadows he devours, however, the stronger the Star Armor gets.

Light Manipulation- Alters and controls light at will.

Eerie Glow: A glow omitted from Luminon that will steal the ability to perceive light from those who look at him, thus making them blind until he ceases the Eerie Glow from himself.

Eyes of Truth- Allows Luminon to see the invisible, through illusions, through clones and copies, and through darkness/shadows. Only able to do these things when this is active (however, Luminon can ALWAYS see at the speed of light.)

Star Sight: Able to see/react at any speed necessary to him at the current moment.

Light Vision: Allows Luminon to see literally ANYWHERE there is light. Therefore, if someone is out of his vision range, using the Light Vision will allow him to see them as if they were right in front of him... However, there MUST be light and he MUST know exactly where they are, or this won't work.

Deceptive Delusion- (After Light Manipulation) Manipulates light that the opponent sees, making them see things that are not really there, or make them go blind in general. Requires either direct eyecontact or direct physical contact to the head. Cannot be rid of until Luminon's energy goes out or until Luminon releases control.

Starlight- Summons power from the stars, whether it be the sun, or stars from faaaaaar away. They increase his power and energy by 10,000.

Heavenly Concave- Creates a large concave vortex of celestial, star and light energy that sucks in big attacks and shoots them back out with double the power and infused with light, star and celestial energy so that Luminon can control it entirely.

Heavenly Light- Creates light so intense that it blinds all who see it that are not him. He can increase intensite infinitely, so that he can make it that it might be blind for a few minutes or for life.... burning their retinas out. HAHAHA. BURN THE EYES.

Birth of a Star- Luminon makes clones of himself made of star energy that share all of his attributes, like immunity to light, heat, stars, etc. and can use some of his abilities. He can restore them if parts are left over with star energy or light energy.

Light Suction: Sucks in all rays of light from everywhere for power. Suction is so powerful, it may even suck in the sun. HOWEVER, this only works for light and nothing else. Nothing except light will feel this suction.

Light Fusion: Literally fuses himself with light.

Celestial Gift- Able to heal himself of any wound on his metallic body, however he must be in a nonhostile environment to do so. He may also heal the injuries of others with celestial energy.

Refraction Playground- Expels a continuously expanding dome of celestial and light energy that bends light however Luminon wants without him having to use Light Manipulation. Only works for light inside the dome. Anything that uses light or has to do with light (such as lightning, fire, plasma, etc) is weakened drastically and able to be bent around by Luminon.

Light Screen: An instant shield that appears tall and wide in a split second in front of Luminon. It acts as a mirror to all non physical attacks, forcing them back at the opponent unconditionally, however it is very brittle towards physical attacks. If an element surrounds a physical attack (like a fire punch or something) The element is nullified and only the fist can break through. He can create numerous Light Screens, however if he moves, they can not move with him. Light and Celestial energy make it stronger toward physical attacks and make it grow.

Astral Disassemble: Finds the weakest point on any barrier and inserts a mixture of star and celestial energy to literally erase and disassemble the barrier until it is totally gone.

Pure Blood: Luminon bathes the entire area in the liquid that fills his body, causing anything it touches to be disintegrates and become part of the liquid.

Compulsive Supernova: IF something manages to pierce through Luminon's ultra metal body, then as an automatic defensive measure, Luminon releases an explosion from himself that has the compressed power of a supernova to destroy everything in the area, but not the entire planet.

Disorderly Starlight: 1) Rearranges the stars in space so that they will automatically give Luminon his maximum amount of power, which is always his current power level times itself (For example, if his power level is at 100, then it would be multiplied by 100 for maximum power at that moment. If it is at 200, it would be maximized x200, and so on.) 2) Creates tiny little balls of Star/Celestial/Light energy, in which they can explode, burn, implode or suck in whatever comes near them. They may move to Luminon's will and can be used as both defensive and offensive things.

Internal Generation: Luminon generates extreme power within himself. The more power he generates within himself, the more powerful he becomes. This power can also be released as a giant wave of star, celestial or light energy while he is generating it, thus creating a barrier of this energy that will protect him and destroy what comes within it.
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Celestial Entity
Celestial Entity

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Kekkei Genkai : Celestial Energy, Star(Spacial/Solar) Energy, Planetary Abilities, Light Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   May 27th 2009, 6:38 am

Planetary/Constellations/etc abilities:

Planetary Abilities: Takes the power of planets and uses them for attack. Not much to say other than it may involve the natural power of a planet, the force of a crashing planet, or anything of the like. It basically its own form of power.

Planetary Destroyer- Creates a large mass of... matter half of the size of the planet he is on and smashes it down to the ground, resulting in a catastrophic explosion of unheard of proportions. Requires a lot of energy to form in the sky, but once it has started forming, it does not stop, for it will just absorb everything that comes to it for power.

Planetary Fist: Luminon's fists grow to epic proportions and he becomes able to punch with the power of a crashing planet. It is effective for moving planets when he has to.

Planet Destruction Cannon: A massive amount of energy made of pure space will consume space around it, becoming larger and larger and gaining more force. If it is at full power, it can blast through a planet with ease.

Planetary Alignment: Forcefully aligns all of the planets nearest to the one he is on as well as the nearest star and moons, then from each of their cores, releases a large beam of energy on one point that Luminon wishes. The alignment of the planets will also increase Luminon's abilities by x1,000 of what they are at the moment, and also will decrease the opponent's power by x1,000. Also, the more power Luminon attains, the more power the foe loses. The alignment takes a shitload of time to prepare, but it seems to be quite worth it. 2) All Nearby planets will align themselves in a fashion that creates a gigantic being made of nothing but planets.

Planet's Grasp: Using the nature of the planet's area, whether it be plains, earth, grass or even gravity to pull and hold down the foe with great power.

Planetary Explosion: An explosion of matter, space, star energy, celestial energy and light that is the size and power of a planet.

Planetary Implosion: An implosion that can suck in a full planet with ease, destroying everything.

Aries- Giant beams of star energy charge through the feild at light speed, exploding stuff randomly, attacking in the shape of a ram's head.

Taurus: The earth shakes as star and celestial energy blasts from the ground nonstop.

Cancer: Luminon's Arm becomes a giant scythe of celestial, light and star energy that forms into the shape of a crab claw. It cuts through many substances.

Leo: A giant lion of star energy comes from the heavens and whips its exploding mane hairs at foes.

Pisces: Celestial and Star energy become Yin and Yang symbols and make any and all enemy attacks opposite element/energy of what they are, reversed in all effects.

Aquarius: A tsunami of light and star energy crashes on the field and explodes.

Gemini- Huge twin fists made of star and celestial energy crash down from the sky and pummel anything they can into dust.

Libra- A giant scale that cannot be moved, altered, destroyed, touched, forced off into another place, teleported, transported and any other moving things you can think of is placed on the field and stays until the battle is over, standing lone off by itself. All attacks, regardless of size, power or effect are sent into the Libra (including Luminon's attacks... damn Libra) And they are weighed until they are balanced, for example if the attack is stronger than Luminon's, it is instantly shrunken down to the size and power of Luminon's until they match in power, or vice versa. If Luminon's attack is bigger, his can be shrunken down, too, or the other attack is made bigger, and vice versa. It's basically a lose-lose situation and a win-win situation at the same time.

Sagittarius: A giant sagittarius runs from the stars and shoots continuous arrows of light, celestial and star energy before leaving.

Capricorn: Star horns try to stab the foe from underground.

Virgo- Light and Star energy surrounds a foe and blurs their vision, as well as leaves them immobilized from their brain to their bones.

Scorpio: A giant star stinger appears from the ground or the sky and tries to stab and explode the foe.

Comet's Pain- Sends extemely powerful and extremely compacted star energy into the shape of a comet about twice Luminon's size (all of them are about 9 feet) surrounded by celestial energy. They can come out in multitudes and explode when Luminon wants.

Little Dipper- Scoops out someone's impurities or energy and drains it to himself by transforming it into pure and special light energy.

Big Dipper- Covers the foe with a giant ladel with an infinite space inside of the curved part of it, making escape impossible for a foe once they've been encased in it. The space sucks out all of their energy and sends it through the handle of the ladel into Luminon.

Ursa Minor- Summons a 100 foot tall bear cub of star energy and celestial energy that only Luminon controls.

Caelum- Creates a giant chisel out of star and celestial energy that can break any shield. It may take time to pierce through tougher ones, but ANY AND ALL SHIELDS, it can crack with time. Can be used as a weapon.

Monoceros- A giant star energy and celestial energy unicorn horn surrounds Luminon's arms and stabs with a great force. It can extend at will.

Pyxis- Summons a giant compass of star and celestial energy that sucks in all foes. A cannon is on the tip of it, and when it locates the direction of where the enemy's weakness thrives, it shoots out the enemy surrounded in extremely compacted star and celestial energy to ensure a safe journey until the foe reaches the destination, no matter the length.

Hydra- Summons the Hydra made of Star and celestial energy. It shoots out liquid star, celestial and light energy from its mouth.

Musca- A small ball of star, celestial and light energy focused into the smallness of a fly. The energy fly leaves a trail of light energy and moves at an annoyingly fast speed. THe light energy it leaves does not go away and it can use this energy to trap a foe, create mazes, etc. It is very hard to hit and get rid of. If it is hit, it explodes.

Lupus- A wolf of star, celestial and light energy appears and attacks the foe with blinding speed and an explosive bite. Very tough to hit. Only works for Luminon.

Hercules- Luminon's fist grows a great size and is compacted with star, celestial and light energy. It 2 times the power of Hercules. Also, it can deflect any attack weaker than it with a swat of the fist.

Scutum- A giant shield of star, celestial and light energy forms on Luminon's arm. It is extremely dense and whatever touches it gets explodes except for Luminon. Very hard to get throught.

Vulpecula- A star fox (NO PUN INTENDED) of celestial energy and star energy comes to the ground and curses a foe with an unbreakable curse that will have them die by implosion without warning after the fox leaves. The only way for the curse to be taken off is if Luminon purifies the bearer.

Octans- Luminon summons the power of Octans to either have 8 tentacles of star, celestial and light energy that expand and shrink to his will and electrocute foes with star energy, or Luminon grows 8 arms able to make his power and attacks go up by x8.

Scultpor- Forms a clone out of the foe out of star, celestial and light energy. It has all of the foe's attacks and all of their power.

Horologium- A giant clock of star, celestial and light energy is summoned and placed in the sky. This clock can do any of the following at random; Slow down the flow of attacks from the foe, speed up the flow of attacks for the user, stop time for all attacks ( the battlers still move, but their attacks do not and cannot be used) or the clock dial things spin uber fast and make the attacks from Luminon require no time to charge (Still uses his energy, but it just requires no time to use the big moves). This is indestructable and unstoppable. Also, the battle gets a time limit. Once the timer reaches zero, the foes are unable to use anymore attacks regardless of their power.. or, if Luminon chooses, he can sacrifice his existance to kill the foe.

Equinox: 1) A powerful blast of astronomical and celestial energy that instantly splits whatever it comes in contact with into 2 simple broken down or opposite parts of it, connected only by a single thread of their entirety, regardless of what attack it is. The smalle thread instantly pulls the two entities back together into one, causing whatever is in the path of the beam to be instantly destroyed without question. (If used immediately without a powerup, it's very small and thin, if charged for 1 post without powerup, it's the size of a normal blast, if charged for 2 without powerup, it's a little bigger, and if charged for 3 or more turns, it's about 2-3 times larger than Luminon's body in radius.) 2) A support ability that can be fused with Star or Celestial energy attacks, which causes the attacks that interfere with them to be split into 2 separate or opposite entities, but not destroyed.
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PostSubject: Re: Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.   

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Stars of Purity; The abilities of the Celestial Star Baby.
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