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 My Various Weapons

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PostSubject: My Various Weapons   May 28th 2009, 7:55 pm

My father and My Uncles Guns, they now have transformed into Anti Akuma weapons the name's for them are Murder and Lament.

They only fire when I place my hand on their handle so they cannot be used by another individual. Although they feel light as a feather to me, they weigh 100 pounds a piece. I can charge the lightning flame into them making them fathoms harder then they already are. I can charge the various absorbed energies I aquire from individuals into the guns as well to either accelerate their shooting speed to mach speeds, or release the energies out of the chamber into concussive blasts of energy. All in all, these are my primary weapons that I use and are very deadly.

The Bullets
Are black, made of some VERY durable unknown metal, I tie every molecue and evey fiber of the bullets with my clan's chakra to increase the durability. The tip of them looks like long screws and pierce any substance with relative ease, except for some exceptions. I can control their trajectory and explode them at any given time. The bullets, thanks to my exorscist powers have parascitic ability that RAPIDLY drains chakra or whatever kind of energy on contact, and do not stop draining until destroyed, the only thing that can destroy the parasictic type bullets is if they no longer have a substance to feed off of. I can explode those as well, which has a devastating affect on the body. I can also route the absorbed energies back to me.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Bullets
Cross, after Unicron feel took on the personal responsibility of watching over the STALKERS, which are the souls of everyone Mahk-X killed. They are timeless, ageless, beings of aura and soul... similar to nobodies in the loose sense. Cross hypercompressed them into bullets and when fired the STALKERS fly out and try and 'Kiss' the opponent. They absorb essence, everything that has to do with an individual, and the sheer look at them can paralyze as well. They can move as amazing speeds and get the job done. They only listen to Cross.

Void Bullets
These bullets explode into pockets of empty space that collapse whatever is within them removing it from existence. Usually, one bullet explodes into a pocket no larger than a softball, but the larger amount of explosions the pockets merge together to make a large pocket of empty space. Meshing together to be able to remove an entire building from existence.


Bio-Metal is what happened when Cross ingested Valerio's PC and fused it with the satan claw. Now Cross has this metal flowing throughout his body and it is alive, it grows with him as if it was just his flesh. Cross can now transform any limb of his into his pandora weapons eliminating the need for the briefcase. On top of that, Cross is now 100 times faster and stronger and can absorb energy at a much faster rate. He is also a lot more durable, his durability on par with Kham's and he possesses a slight healing factor. His chakra is more potent and concussive thanks to the biometal upgrade and he also has obtained better chakra control as well.His entire CNS (Central Nervous System) has been augmented by chemical changes down to the atomic level and by biocomputer enhancement, rendering his reaction time far above what is possible for a Human being. His entire skeletal structure has been replaced by porous, marrow-filled organic metalloid bone replacements that do not interfere with the creation of erythrocytes (red blood cells). In spite of his great size and impressive build He can transform his limbs into the following weapons:

Vaccuum Gun
Mini Gun
Repulsor Laser Cannon
RPG missle Launcher
Dome Missle Launcher
Zero Shot Laser Cannon
Vacuum Cleaner
Auto Turret
Super Scope
Spartan Laser
Longshot Sniper Rifle
L.Y.F.E Syringe
The Illusion Projector

When he chooses, Cross initiate a 'synchro mode' where he allows the Bio-Metal to take over him and use him as a vessel. These transformations max out a specific aspect of his body while giving him another ability as well.

Model X

Model X maxes out Cross gun fire speed and energy out put, he can fire bullets that have explosive properties the size and power of nukes instantly without having to mindlessly waste his chakra and energy. His durability is increased and so is his strength but no where near to the heights of his fire rate. He can also fire the Anti Akuma bullets and eels without having to transform, and Aftershock is engaged with a mental command.

The Model X optimizes the use of the repulsor gun and transforms it into the repulsor hammer, which take the form of those two giant hammer-esque fist like things on the model x's hands. With contact, these upon contact with any kinetic force it is automatically absorbed and doubled reflecting it back upon its source

Model Y

Cross' speed is maxed, capable of moving independent of time and space to a point where it seems that he is constantly warping. His energy out put is what accelerates him to such speeds he can speedily surround the opponent in energy beams that can blaze through other energy substances.

This Model optimizes the use of the vacuum gun and transforms it into the splicer. The splicer has the ability to separate any ability from anything for a certain amount of time as long as the beam swords make contact with it.

Model Z

Cross' rejection is maxed, capable of traversing realities at well. Rejecting all laws of this earth including those that have to do with physics. He can run on air float fade in and out of this existence at well, summon Cross' from parallel worlds with a mental thought and use the rifts to their fullest capacity

Not only does the Model Z have all the abilities of the previous models but the model Z full powers are not yet known to Cross

Last edited by Cross on October 14th 2010, 12:05 pm; edited 12 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: My Various Weapons   June 12th 2009, 2:56 am

Um, your bullets will and do give off heat, since just because its chakra doesn't mean it doesn't make heat. Especially since its a bullet, moving quickly through the air, and for the simple fact that its moving {especiall that quick} it will create energy, in turn creating heat, even if it isn't much somehow. Other than that, its all good.
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Posts : 777
Village of Residence : Twilight Village
Join date : 2009-05-28
Cool Points (LOL) : 15
Hobbies / Interests : The sound of a bullet piercing flesh
Kekkei Genkai : Sight Guise

Character sheet
Character Race: Human
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PostSubject: Re: My Various Weapons   June 12th 2009, 7:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: My Various Weapons   

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My Various Weapons
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