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 Various Gun Techs

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PostSubject: Various Gun Techs   May 28th 2009, 7:56 pm

I have several types of techniques... taijutsu techniques requiring various types of gun fire, ninjutsu techniques involving rerouting of energy, and others.

Taijutsu Gun Techs

Bullet Curve/Trajectory Manipulation

My X-Hair eye, combined with my body as well manipulates the spin of a bullet allowing it to fly in virtually any given direction if supn a correct way. This allows my bullets to fly through high torrents of wind, or even fly around shields and hit my foes in the back.
I also improvise with what I do with my guns and do various combo moves as well. So be ready for anything...

Cross can now accelerate kinetic and potential energy by manipulating the atomic procecess it takes to fire his guns. As such, he can charge chakra into his guns or whatever absorbed energy and accelerate the firing of the bullets to near light speed, with this, he can only fire 5 bullets at a time which is a contrast to the ususall 20-50 he fires at a time.


I explode my bullets, whever they are in large violent explosions. If I explode a parsitic bullet, the energy absorbed, combined with the average size of the explosion feeds directly into the victim and blows them up from the inside out.


After closing off the surrounding area with Cross' bullets in a circular fashion, Cross shoots the center of the circle with his guns causing the whole area to burst into a blue energy gyser. Everything within this given area is removed of all possible energy and is given to Cross who stands the nexus of it, The sheer shock of having all potential and kinetic energy stripped from the victim is enough to kill them. Cross can do this over a wide array of distances, the larger the circumfrence of the circle the more energy it takes to pulloff

Void Shot
After closing off the surrounding area with Cross' bullets in a square fashion and in the pandora armor. Cross exerts his chakra spatial rejection abilities to such a high degree that he can cause everything within the segmented area to collapse upon itself, imploding any and everything removing it from existence accordingly. Naturally, Cross is immune to such an attack. After doing this, it shatters the pandora armor.

Time Flip
After closing off a certain area with Cross' bullets in a triangular fashion. Cross can exert his rejection over time in a certain area causing everything that happened in that area from 1-30 minutes to go back to the way things were in the fight literally flipping time. Cross, being independent of time is immune to this attack and is the only one who can see it happening, to the opponent it would be as if nothing happened.

Cross, looks at his prey with his x-hair eye. Anything he fixates with this eye slowly looses the ability to put all of the kinetic energy into their attacks. After looking at them long enough Cross can stop their potential energy as well. The drain can be felt, it feels like a migraine headache.

Dark Hold
After many of his void shot bullets have exploded in a given area he can solidify the empty space around the desired area halting all space, and time in that area.

Energy Routing

Due to my Kekkei Genkai mutation, I can manipulate all radioactive energies to my will... and some elemental chakras as well. I can route these energies to increase my stamina, or add to my durability or overall strength. These will be done by handsigns.

Cross can now route solar energy into his body, he can also route the energy from molecules around him to replenish stamina or increase the power of various shots or make himself stronger physically.

Cross can also manipulate kinetic and potential energy to add to the power of his bullets, durability and overall impact of anything he fires and does this is done by handsigns as well.

Interdimensional Portals

Limbo- The place where Cross' clan traverses to go to parallel worlds. In a sense, its an empty space only accessible to Cross' clan. It is the center of all dimensions, Cross has access to any dimension through this one and can travel between parallel worlds at will.

I can reject space and time to a certain degree, allowing me to create small rifts of isolated space/time allowing me to put my arms through. This can provide me the ability for my arms and guns to re appear somewhere else and fire from a different angle out of thin air. Unfortunately these are not large enough for me to fit through and I can only make them where I can see. I can also filter peoples energy based attacks into them making them appear elsewhere.

Cross can now communicate with himself in parallel dimensions, he can recall these 'selves' to preform various tasks by preforming handsigns. These selves possess all of his abilities and can be swapped in and out nearly instantly. They require chakra to initiate and maintain.

My Kekkei Genkai
My basic bloodline trait is called the sight guise. This Allows me to control all projectiles that my chakra ever touched for a certain number of miles, my chakra's dominion can only stretch so far so yes i can curve bullets lol. I can also "lock on" to my opponent using my X-Hair eye. My eyes also allow me to pump adrenaline through my veins at 4000 times that of an average human AKA bullet time so my shots are even more precise and i can move quite quite fast, and do some pretty unreal things.

i can lock on to my opponents and zoom in and see their vitals from a great distance away. This makes me an excelent marksmen. When controling projectiles i cant deviate the projectile from its natural trajectory. I can also switch to chakra, thermal, or even night vision by pressing my index finger to the side of my head.

After the torture from my uncle I recieved the advanced blood line limit that my uncle and my father had that he used to defeat my other clan members. This trait allows me to be a conduit for all forms of radiant or conductive energy that are directed towards me. I can also store this energy in a sort of power reserves to enhance my physical durability and stamina. I can release this energy in concussive blasts or in the same form the energy was given to me in. I usualy realease this energy from my guns in plasma like blasts Yes i can be overloaded from vast amounts of energy, and no absorbing these energies do not make me invincible. I am very vulnerable to physical attacks. And yes this of course consumes chakra the greater the energy source.

After training for a short time in the Nightmare, I have learned to extend my energy manipulation abillties to that of gravitational energy. Allowing me the ability to open rifts in space and time so that I can fire bullets through them and make them appear elsewhere. These rifts go to an unknown place at the moment, and are too small for me to fit through. I can also float off the air a bit by manipulating gravity accordingly.
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Various Gun Techs
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