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 Bloody Weapons

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Spectre of the Depths
Spectre of the Depths

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PostSubject: Bloody Weapons   May 29th 2009, 9:04 pm

Forged Weapon Material: Orichalcum + Tungsten
Allow weapons can be charged with Demonic Energy for increased durability as well as increased performance.

Demonlock: Handgun
Clip: 15 bullets
Ammunition: 14 Different Types

Normal Bullet : Normal Ammunition

Pierce Bullet : Long Range Ammunition is able to pierce through multiple objects in a straight path, unless an object is too thick.

Pellet Bullet : Short Range Ammunition that creates a spread shot in front of gun barrel.

Crag Bullet : Detonating Ammunition that pieces then burrows into an object before detonating.

Cluster Bullet : Detonating Ammunition that explodes on impact that then releases smaller explosives, detonating around the target.

Demon Bullet : Destructive Ammunition that infuses Demonic Energy into the bullet, increasing the destructive power of the round.

Recovery Bullet : Healing Ammunition that enables shooter to heal allies but is unable to heal himself.

Poison Bullet : Debilitating Ammunition that releases a slow reacting poison into their bloodstream.

Paralysis Bullet : Debilitating Ammunition that sends a constant current into the body, rendering the muscles useless for awhile.

Sleep Bullet : Debilitating Ammunition that puts the user into a dream state if dust is inhaled after impact.

Tranq Bullet : Suppressing Ammunition that knocks out the user completely, usually used for missions.

Paint Bullet : Tracking Ammunition that leaves a small trace of my Demonic Energy/Chakra on an object, allowing me to trace it to it's exact location.

Rage Bullet : Buffing Ammunition that increases the attack power of myself or anyone else shot with the bullet.

Armor Bullet :Buffing Ammunition that increases the defensive power of myself or anyone else shot with the bullet.

Condemned + Vindicate : Glaives (10 if each)

Silhouette Sabers : Dual Swords (1)

Torment : Hammer (1)

Vain : Whip Chain (2)
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Bloody Weapons
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