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 The Crying Soul.

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PostSubject: The Crying Soul.   May 30th 2009, 5:44 pm

Tear is a part Mallet part Beltsander weapon. Unlike most people, Tear rarely uses his own weapons as individual techniques, but rather uses his own Crying Soul and Liquid Soul as his means of attack through his weapons. Tear does have a few fighting techniques that utilize his own weapons as they are, but are predominantly ruled by his Wavelength and Soul Energy. Though, Tear does have incredible strength and uses his Mallet whenever he needs to in harmony with his immense strength. He also uses his belt sander as 'skates' or things of the sort.

Tears of Eternal Sleep: Tear's signature and one of his most powerful abilities. Tear releases an immense amount of his wavelength and Soul Energy from his body that creates a tsunami with incredible pressure, strength and grinding currents. The tsunami will consume and destroy anything it can as it crashes down, leaving an impact that can wash away a mountain range in little to no time. Alternatively, Tear may release a destructive wave of Soul Wavelength from himself as an explosive blast that has all the force of a tsunami to blow back anything that surrounds him (Think of Nightmare from Soul Caliber IV). Usually when he performs this technique, He says this poem;
"Tears of a thousand,
Pain of a million,
Filled with Destruction and Anguish,
Grinding your emotions down to dust,
Crushing your happiness into nothing,
Our thoughts clash
And my soul weeps..."

Neverending Tears: Tear concentrates his soul wavelength into his eye, compacting it so much and so small that he cries a singular glowing tear from his eye. This teardrop will fall and when it makes contact with something, it will spread at an astounding rate, making an entire sea of his wavelength and soul energy in a matter of moments. When he does this, he utters this verse;
"A soul cries one tear... and it spreads into a sea."

Mournful Tears: Tear shoots his wavelength up into the sky merely by looking at it or pointing to it, forcing the clouds to gather and it to start raining (+ thunder and lightning, if he wants). The rain will have his wavelength surging through each drop and whenever he feels like it, he can make the rain detonate with explosive blasts of his wavelength whenever they make contact with something. It is indiscriminate, so allies should stand clear of this or take shelter. He also may utter this verse as he uses it;
"... Mournful Tears fall from the skies, blessing the land with their woeful cries..."

Tearjerker: Tear makes a powerful impact with the ground, which will create a shockwave of his wavelength surge through it. The ground and whatever is touching his wavelength will begin to erode and weaken, power being forcefully sapped from them to make them brittle, weak and helpless. The Tearjerker also has the special ability to gradually lock up Chakra and Soul Wavelength after prolonged contact. The effects of this attack linger, so Tear is not obliged to keep his position after using this attack, nor is he hindered by using this attack.

Weeping Willow: A rather melancholy and devious attack that Tear may only use if he is stationary. His wavelength will spread from his body and begin to change whatever is near into Soul Energy and become absorbed into his wavelength. It expands gradually, continuously converting things into Soul Energy and consuming them to restore his own power. Alternatively, he can use this ability in the same way, yet instead of converting things into Soul Energy, they will be completely broken down into nothingness gradually, leaving literally nothing but their souls where they once were. It will break down or convert whatever it can.

Apocalyptic Tears: An advanced version of the Mournful Tears, in which Tear uses the same means to accumulate the clouds and surge his wavelength through the rain. However, this time around he forcefully enhances the density, size and weight of the rain to his liking, making them as small as normal raindrops or as large as meteors. They harden on impact so that they may impale or totally crush what they hit in astronomical, explosive impacts(when they are the size of meteors).

Jet Stream Purge: Concentrating his wavelength into a beam, Tear will shoots an enormous, wide ranged, destructively large beam of soul energy from himself that moves at insanely high speeds, leaving sonic booms in its wake. It is said to be many times faster than a jet plane. The beam will attempt to take down anything in its way and corrode it, weaken it and destroy its with ultra high pressure, speed and density. Alternatively, instead of firing a beam, Tear will allow his wavelength to consume his body and he will dash at his target at the same speed covered in said concentrated wavelength energy. The same effects apply.

Deadpool: With a high fluctuation of his wavelength, Tear generates a whirlpool around himself. The whirlpool is large, thick, high pressure and high density and spins around Tear at a high speed, which can either shoot upward into the air like a tornado, downward into the ground like a drill or condense around him for a super powered shield. Because of its sheer force, pressure, density and speed of rotation, it can force back most things that come in contact with it. Also because of all of these aspects as well as the flow of its current, it can rip through the hardest of solids with general ease. He utters this verse while it is already in progress or before it has begun;
"A pool of destruction made from the tears of the dead... The horrific whirlpool to purge all impurities.."

Lacrimosa: One of Tear's most versatile abilities having 5 alternate attack patterns and being one of the strongest signature moves he has. Accumulating a large amount of Soul Wavelength in the sky, Tear draws in all liquids to that point and changes them into a multi-colored eye. The gigantice eye will then fall from the sky, making an astronomical impact and explosion with the proportions of a a hydrogen bomb, releasing his wavelength and energy to try to demolish anything for miles and miles around.
Alternatively, Tear uses his wavelength in a similar fashion to the Mournful and Apocalyptic Tears to alter the weather by taking control of the clouds with his wavelength, making the sky stormy, and a downpour of great proportions ensues. The raindrops gain the power of both the Mournful Tears and the Apocalyptic Tears, giving them the power to make massive explosions on contact with anything and giving Tear the power to control their weight, density, pressure, size and so forth. The larger they are, the bigger the explosions.
In addition, Tear can use this ability similarly to the Neverending Tears as well, focusing his wavelength into his eye so that he cries a singular tear that drops onto the surface of the ground, converting what it has touched into a gigantic whirlpool of monstrous proportions in the ground. At the center of the whirlpool is an eye. This eye will shoot out MASSIVE beams of soul energy from it and also increases the suction of the whirlpool. Technically, the whirlpool is a doorway to Tear's soul, so if you get sucked into it, you are automatically absorbed into Tear's soul.
Also, Tear may generate swords or guns around him via his own wavelength, which have the special ability to corrode spiritual and mental power of what they touch. Thus, if Tear is to slash you with the sword or shoot with the bullet, one's chakra/network, soul/wavelength, magic and mind could be effected and corroded/weakened by the touch.
Finally, Tear may concentrate his wavelength onto focal points on his body, creating eyes all over. The eyes not only allow him to see and perceive irregular things that his normal eyes could not as well as enhance his own vision, but also create a constant suction that draws all liquids nearby into them for absorption and conversion.

Bloody Tears: Using his wavelength in a similar fashion to the Lacrimosa, Tear will concentrate his wavelength onto focal points on his body, causing large eyes appear anywhere on his body, the ones on his back and stomach being twice as large anywhere else. These eyes shoot out massive, concentrated blasts of wavelength in liquid-esque, beam-cannon like shots. The shots are extremely powerful, high pressured and highly dense. Alternatively, Tear may create these eyes floated around him or just generally in the air instead of actually on his body. This ability can be used in conjunction with 1,000 Tears for a more numerous effects.

1,000 Tears: Concentrates his wavelength into the air to formulate needles that draw in liquids in waves of 1,000 at a time. They are incredibly dense and heavy, so they may pierce through most substances. Used in conjunction with the Bloody Tears, Tear can generate 1,000 eyes on his body or floating in the air, releasing the same massive beams just like in the Bloody Tears.

N.G.: Tear's Final signature move and one of his most deadly. Tear will point at something or glare at something, sending his wavelength to them in a thread-like line at a high speed. If the wavelength is to hit them, Tear will contaminate them with it and lock their motions by seizing control of their chakra networks and soul wavelength. Once caught by it, a circle of wavelength will appear under the target and encase them in an invisible cylindrical prison mandated by Tear's very soul. After that, one of two things will happen. Tear will either give them the thumbs down motion, having all of the liquids in their body forcefully expelled downward out of every hole/pore they have and down into the wavelength below to be absorbed by Tear, or Tear's wavelength will literally consume them and break down their bodies into nothingness as they enter Tear's soul.

Liquid Bomb: Tear concentrates his wavelength into a spherical glowing object of a small to moderately large size. He will throw this wavelength sphere and upon contact with something, it will explode. Though it seems to be simple, the secondary effects of this explosion are what make it deadly, for when it explodes outward, it causes other liquids' molecules to explode as well as a sort of chain reaction, causing the initial explosion to grow larger. The more moist the air is and the more liquid in the area, the larger and more powerful the explosion. Alternatively, the spherical glowing object may draw in liquids before detonation to make itself grow larger. The larger it gets, the more powerful and consumptive the explosion as well as the more powerful its suction of other liquids is, though it cannot cause other liquid molecules to explode if used in this way.

Tidal Hands: With a large and powerful display of his wavelength, Tear generates two (or, on rare occasions, even more) large hands made of nothing but liquid and/or his own wavelength of varying sizes and intensities. These hands typically hold the power of a large tsunami and can devastate most anything they come in contact with using little to no effort at all. The larger they are, the more powerful and destructive they are, but the more stressful it is on Tear to use them. When activated, these hands may move to Tear's mental thoughts or he may use his own wavelength through his own hands to have his Tidal Hands mimic everything his own hands do exactly. He may even use some of his Wavelength abilities through them, such as the Soul Menace, for example.
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The Crying Soul.
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